How to choose a domain name.

Like so many things in search ranking and search traffic, when it comes to domain names, it just doesn't seem like domain name registration or the domain name itself, is that important. But it really is important, at least indirectly ...
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What is Local SEO and How Do I Use Keywords?

What is local seo? SEO, or search engine optimization, (we will get to local SEO in a minute) used to refer to strategically placing keywords within website html code. Sometimes, in the early days of Google, this would mean “stuffing” ...
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What is Google My Business – is it important?

What is Google My Business and why is it important for local search ranking? Every day people are using google searches to find what they need, whether it's trying to find a store nearby or a restaurant while travelling. However, ...
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The Importance of HTTPS And SSL Certificates

You may have noticed while browsing the web that every site you visit is preceded by HTTP, or in some cases HTTPS. Most people know that HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol specifies the underlying information exchange method by which nearly ...
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What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a measure of a website’s relevance to a topic of interest or an industry. The domain authority of a website is a significant indicator of a given website’s ability to rank well on a search engine results ...
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The Ongoing Local SEO Trend

SEO may have acquired a bad reputation in the past - but Local SEO has shaken that reputation by proving itself to be vital to local business. Just look at this graph for the search term "local SEO" since 2009 ...
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