Mobile Friendly Website Design – Is It Necessary?

Is your website mobile friendly?

What does it mean for your website to be mobile friendly? 
It means that the site functions well, is user friendly, with quick page load times, and is readable on mobile devices – especially smartphones. 

Mobile device users are growing at a dramatic rate. Over 50% of visitors to your website will be from tablets or phones.

Google wants to see websites that load quickly under all conditions and are view-able on all devices.

Mobile friendly can be accomplished in 2 different ways.

Separate Mobile Website

One way is to develop an entirely different site for mobile device users. This is an outdated way of handling mobile friendly design.

One problem with this method is that a script is required to check which type of device is being used,  pc, tablet, or smartphone, (or maybe other). Very often, the scripts that attempt yo do this do not work well.

Another problem with a separate mobile site is that whenever a change on the site is required, it means changes to both the standard site and the mobile site. The sites need to mirror each other. This doesn’t always happen like it should and usually the mobile site update is left out.

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