Local SEO – Search Optimization

Local SEO (or Local Search Engine Optimization) seems to now encompass a broad spectrum of … well, things too varied to now just be categorized as optimizations.

We should start by explaining the difference between Local SEO and plain old standard SEO.

Local SEO is.. all the things you would do for standard SEO plus all the things needed to optimize for Local search.

Local SEO = Standard SEO + Local Search Optimization

In the past, standard SEO, by itself, used to just deal mostly with keywords. SEO was writing content around keywords that people might search for that were interested in what you do. And SEO used to deal with adding as many keywords to content as you could – or multiple keyword stuffing.

Standard SEO has now evolved to include much more than keywords. Typical actions now considered to be part of SEO include:

Keyword research
Keyword content optimization
Multiple keywords types (shorttail, longtail and semantic)
Tags & naming keyword optimization
Keyword focused content
Focused content 
Backlink building
Snippet optimization
Schema markup & structured data

Of course, the list above is by no means a complete list. There are even more components and actions that are considered to be SEO related.

How and why standard SEO has evolved to where it is now – is a discussion for another post. Hopefully, it is  understood that SEO is no longer a simple focused task about keywords.

So, Local SEO adds a whole other realm of components and actions related to local search. For example:

Google My Business management
Citation building
Content for Local
Backlinks for Local
Reviews management
Reviews building
Markup for Local
Locations optimization & management

As you can see, Local SEO is not simple. It takes know-how, organization and a lot of work.

And… it changes all the time.

You may be asking yourself, what is local digital marketing and how does it relate to local SEO?

The definition of local digital marketing depends on who you talk to. But, the definition we give is… that local digital marketing is everything else ‘marketing related’ with respect to driving in traffic to a website – and then converting that traffic to customers.

We get more into digital marketing and customer conversion in other posts.

Regardless of whether it’s standard SEO or Local SEO, at Qorble, we work at building and maintaining all the necessary components and actions, (which involves a considerable amount of time and work) to help you get local search traffic. 

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