Is Site Structure Important for Local Search?

Website construction follows some sort of framework.

The most popular framework is by far is the one we use at Qorble… WordPress.

We don’t have to use WordPress, but there is no reason to use any other. We have tried other frameworks in the past.

Many other frameworks are too simplistic and do not allow for the flexibility that WordPress offers. Many are way too complicated to understand how all the framework pieces work together. 

WordPress is a very good balance of user friendliness and flexibility. And it is well supported, especially for add-on functionality.

Not only that, but it can be easily customized when needed and those customizations can remain free from updates – which can happen frequently.

That brings up another point about WordPress – it is popular and well supported, so it is updated frequently. If there is a bug (rare), it gets fixed. If there is a security issue, it gets resolved.

We mentioned add-ons. For WordPress, they are called plugins, and there are thousands of plugins for almost any need.

There are plugins for security (which we use for every site). There are plugins for backups. Knowing the best plugins to accomplish the things important for what we do at Qorble is important to us and something we stay up to date on.

And then are the themes. A theme is the display framework of a website. Choosing the right theme can be critical – even for search ranking. Why?

Because the theme controls not only the overall appearance of the site, but also on if it is responsive, which you definitely want. Google considers how to rank a site based on how mobile friendly it is – how responsive it is.

You want to avoid a completely customized website, a site where every part and page have been custom coded. The reason is.. that this type of website has many things going against it.

One, if it needs modified from the original at some point down the road when the original developers are no longer around, it can be very difficult if not impossible.

Two, would be updates. Every site needs to updated to deal with updates of other things that change, like versions of the software that are running the website. Or to deal with possible security issues (and there are many).

Three, is SEO modifications. If you want to modify or add content or code for SEO purposes with a completely customized site, this can be very time consuming and impractical.

Keep in mind that choosing a website because it looks great is only a small part of the whole picture.

The true value of a good website is how well it conveys your message and how well it brings in new and repeat business.

We focus on search ranking, content, mobile friendliness, and customer conversions – and all that can be done with a more simple WordPress website.




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