Google My Business Management

What is GMB? >> GMB is short for Google My Business. 

What is Google My Businesss? and why does it need to be managed?

Google has a free service for all businesses with a brick and mortar address. The service is there to provide users of Google Maps and Google search with location data and details data for local businesses. That free service is Google My Business (GMB).

Technically, all businesses that have a physical location can utilize GMB, even if that location is your own home. Without a physical location though, Google doesn’t give you much “attention” at all.

To use GMB, you must have a Google account. If you have a Gmail account, then you already have a Google account. If not, then it is possible to setup a Google account without a Gmail account.

Once you have a Google account, then you can use and manage your GMB account. 

What does Google want to know?  Any and all information you can give them about your business. Business address, business phone, images of the business, hours of business operation, key employee information, the business category you are in, what you do, a description of what you do, and more.

There is even more to GMB than just filling in your business information. That is where the management of GMB comes in.

GMB Management includes optimization

What is the best way to make your GMB account listing optimized so that Google will help you rank in search results? How do you optimize your GMB account?

That is what GMB management is about, getting things optimized so that Google sees your business as the most relevant for a local search for particular keywords that your customers are searching for.

How many images and what type? What should the description say? How long should it be? Are you in the correct category?

What other things in GMB can help? Does using the GMB posts help? What should be in the GMB posts?

Filling in all the data and information you can in GMB and making sure it is accurate, and making sure it matches everything else – is crucial to GMB management.


Citations are any mention of your business name, address and phone anywhere on the internet – also known as your business NAP. More than your NAP may be included in a citation, such as your website information, or operation hours information.

What do citations have to do with GMB management? Because it is vital that your citation information be identical to your GMB information.

This is why most citation management services also include GMB management. 

Though GMB management seems simple, if there is any small change on GMB – it affects dozens of citations.

At Qorble, we manage your citations and business directory listings along with your GMB listing.

The goal is to keep everything updated and accurate with no duplication, so that Google sees your business as viable and active and very relevant to a local search query.

This will get your business ranked higher in local search results, but also greatly improve your chances of being seen in the Google map search results, too.




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