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Here is the process...

We install a Facebook pixel

A Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that gets installed on every page of your website. That little piece of code allows Facebook to track the actions of visitors on  your site. The only action we are concerned about is a simple page view.  When a visitor lands on your website (on any page) it triggers the pixel, and that is recorded by Facebook. What happens then?

We create image display ads

Image display ads get the best response rate of all types of ads on Facebook. Yes, video ads do get user attention, but not as good of a response rate. We design 3 display ads and optimize for the best response. 

We create a custom audience

The other thing the Facebook Pixel allows us to do is create a custom audience. This custom Audience is built behind the scenes as a digital group of users. We can then target, or in this case, re-target those users who have visited your site. How do we re-target them?

We create a Retargeting Ad Campaign

We then place ads in front of all the visitors to your website in the Facebook custom Audience (Re-targeting Ads). These ads are served as display ads, or image ads, by Facebook to users as they use the Facebook app (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile). That is not all. Facebook also has an Audience Network of websites and apps outside of the Facebook app where ads are also placed. What happens then?

We send responses to a customized conversion page

responding to an ad is one thing, but you need leads so you can convert that lead to a new client or customer. So all responses get sent to a landing page (hosted by us that appears as a page with your branding) that acts as a conversion page. This page works to convert the response into a lead. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, but typically it a simple form that collects contact information for you to follow up on. Or it may be an appointment booking link if you utilize a system for that. Many times, some type of incentive is used to convincingly persuade a user to give up their details. Such as a discount, or maybe a free consultation, or possibly a free guide. The goal is to get the lead and that is what the conversion page is designed to do.

Leads get sent back to you

All leads are sent directly to you. We assume you are well versed in what to do with well qualified leads.

Everything is tracked

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This is very powerful. Why this works so well...

Warm traffic

We are looking for the user, who has already visited your website, and who was already looking for what you do on Yelp, to respond to the ad. 

An exceptional response rate.

These re-targeting ads to warm traffic are known for getting an amazing response rate. As opposed to cold traffic where the response rate is 1-2%, re-targeting can generate a response rate of 5-10% (sometimes higher) and costs no more than a typical ad campaign. What do we do with all those responses?

Remind customers that they visited you

According to a recent study, 87 percent of advertisers say that retargeting is important or very important to their marketing strategy.

Prospects or potential customers usually browse numerous websites as part of their research. They consume various content to help them make a decision. Retargeting gives them a little push towards your brand. When a prospect sees a retargeting ad, there’s a 70% chance that they’ll purchase your product over your competitor’s.

As customers are becoming savvier, they’ve found ways to block out these ads, whether through ad blockers or sheer effort. However, retargeting display ads are a different story, as they remind visitors of products and services they’ve shown an interest to in the past.

The engagement advertisers can get from retargeting is significantly larger. While the average CTR for display ads is 0.07%, the average for retargeting ads is 0.7%. Furthermore, visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on the website. This means that retargeting campaigns perform 10 times better than regular display banners, and offers better opportunities to convert website visitors, compared to traditional display advertising strategies.


Bolster the trust of clients who have already given you their details

According to a recent study, 87 percent of advertisers say that retargeting is important or very important to their marketing strategy.

The bonus


This will also be working for all traffic that comes to your website, even if it is not from Yelp. Direct search traffic  +

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