Can Site Hosting Affect Local Search?

You may not think that website hosting is a big deal. 

And if you just want a very basic website, then sure.. you can host anywhere.

But, if you want your website to work for you, then you are going to want to customize it. And that means you will need to have access to functions of your website that some hosting providers either block, limit access to, or charge extra for and make it very unfriendly to make changes when needed.

What you really want is open access hosting that allows you to customize as you need to, or as your webmaster needs to, in order to get the job done and accomplish your goals.

At Qorble, we require that you host your website with us. Why? Because then we can be sure that we have open access for back-end configuration changes that will take us very little time and effort.

Going through a third party hosting to make a small change can be a nightmare.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are hosted by a provider that limits your access to back-end configuration. You install a WordPress plugin and update it (or just update it) and then find out that you cannot because the PHP version installed on that the server is outdated. What do you do?

Well, you would have to contact your hosting provider and explain what is happening and then make a request for them to update the PHP version to the version you need.

First, contacting them alone can be a time consuming affair involving waiting on the phone or sending a support ticket and waiting for a response. And you may need to do this every time you need to contact them.

Second, they may not even allow for the update at all, because with the hosting they provide, any change for your account may affect other accounts.

If we need to do this on your behalf when dealing with a third party hosting provider – this could take us a very long time. 

But because we host the website ourselves, this PHP change will take us less than a minute or two.

Then consider that these types of changes, like the PHP example, need to be made all the time involving many different aspects of your website. 

We only work with clients that are willing to host the website with us on our servers. Any other type of managed hosting always has limitations for us and does not work.

We have a dedicated server with open access for our developers that is ultimately hosted by Liquidweb physical location servers.

We can handle most any type of update or configuration change ourselves. But, if we need help, we always have almost instant access to Liquidweb’s backup support.

We make sure every account and website is setup so that it works independently from all other accounts – it’s kind of like having your own server.

Most of the changes we make in the background you will never know about or see. We just make sure everything is running like it should.

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